ENsuites onsite

Want to take some of the hassle out of bathroom and home renovations?

Forget about packing up the kids and all your belongings and moving in with your parents, friends etc., just hire one of our portable bathrooms.

Each ensuite unit contains shower, hand basin and toilet and comes complete with instant Hot Water service and all required hoses and connections. Our portable ensuites will provide you the convenience of remaining in your own home during bathroom and/or home renovations.

Hire of an ensuite is simple, just check the site requirements below, call our office for availability and proceed with a booking. We then deliver the ensuite on your desired day and connect to your existing services. We service metropolitan and greater Adelaide and deliveries can also be arranged to most country areas. 
Our portable bathrooms are also great for when you have extra guests staying and don’t have a second bathroom. Hire can be arranged for as short as a weekend or as long as several months.

Portable Ensuite site requirements

  • Reasonably level base
  • Delivery access is minimum 2.5m wide and 2.8m high
  • Room to reverse a trailer to position the bathroom
  • Access to sewer drainage point within 30 metres
  • Access to power within 20 metres
  • Access to standard hose tap within 20 metres.